Empowering Asia’s Largest Services Marketplace through Adaptive Planning and Analysis

Deflytics 📋 blog 📅 July 24, 2023

Services Marketplace – Case


  • Asia’s largest marketplace for home services with a network of 42k+ professionals
  • 18 service categories across 6 geographics
  • Detailed revenue planning for Regular Services as well as the Subscription model
  • Complex models for computing Direct & Indirect Costs, and Workforce planning


  • Manual Excel spreadsheet driven process
  • Subscription modelling for disparate categories
  • Unable to reflect complex models for computing/ allocating various costs e.g. Professional Onboarding costs
  • Detailed planning, at the minutest of slices to drive multiple PL statements for Product and Services business
  • Long delays in monitoring and analysis


  • Adaptive Planning
  • Adaptive Reporting
  • Adaptive Office Connect
  • Adaptive Excel for Planning


    • Elimination of complex spreadsheets
    • Times Savings: Reporting Cycle time cut by 60-70%
    • Subcategory-level profitability
    • Automated Complex models for Revenue, Subscription, Workforce, various Costs, Product, and International businesses across service subcategories
    • Income statement & P&L Analysis across Actuals, Budgets, Forecasts


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