Professional Services

The world of professional services is dominated by the need to be able to project revenues based on diverse business models. From the placement of insurance policies to the management of trust funds, your business has multiple variables to be factored into the model. Cost computations for expenses like salaries & commissions, legal expenses etc calls for detailed attention for measurement and analysis. While commissions are tied to complex tiers for revenue and customer acquisition targets, the salaries & other expenses can have the additional complexity of having to factor in exchange rates across currencies. And all of these have a direct impact on the key asset your company has – human resources.

Planning in Professional Services

Revenue planning across various business streams could be spread across commission models and to fees tied to the turnover of the portfolio. Personnel cost calculations that are tied to roles, grades, location and profit share mechanisms. Workforce planning that spans optimal utilization of resources across projects, customers and geographies with complex headcount, hiring – both new and backfill and attrition attributes.

Allocation of shared resources cost across multiple LOBs, Geographies and or Facilities. Inter-company transfers of royalty and expenses, that drive the tax computations pertinent to various legal entities. Revenue forecasts from treasury operations are as crucial and detailed, as are the revenue streams from operations.

Business Planning Services for Professional Services

Use Cases

  • Revenue Planning
  • Expense Planning
  • Workforce Planning
  • Facilities Planning
  • Treasury Operations Planning

Use Cases

  • LOB Profitability
  • Cost Allocations
  • Multi-Entity Transfer Pricing & Consolidation
  • Sales Planning
  • Incentive & Compensation Planning