Planning for your organization tends to be very detail oriented yet demands extreme flexibility to support the unpredictable shelf-life of content and unprecedented competition. A robust EPM planning model not only allows a media firm to project growth based on their current business drivers but also accurately monitor their expenditures, which can be substantial.

Planning in Media & Entertainment

Your business is primarily concerned with (a) creation or acquisition of content and (b) the distribution of the content to the consumers.

While the former represents the costs of operations, the latter helps drive revenue, through the placement of advertisements across prime and non-prime-time slots. Revenue for online streaming services are driven by yet other subscription models; price points projections for which can be complex to derive.

Subscription and Ad Revenue projections based on air-time slots for programs and associated rates. Production & Programming cost of content creation and acquisition. Broadcasting and up linking costs across channels - Direct to home, Internet streaming or centralized broadcasts. Complex cost allocation across shared service centers. Multiple groupings for reporting/analysis of the business across verticals/content/air-time slots.

Deflytics implemented an FP&A solution for one of the largest multi-national content distributor which helped them generate profitability at the channel, program, content, time-slot level profitability.

Business Planning Services for Media & Entertainment

Use Cases

  • Revenue Planning
  • Capex Planning
  • Segment/Channel/Program Profitability
  • Production Cost Planning
  • Indirect Cost Allocations

Use Cases

  • Expense Planning
  • Multi-Entity Transfer Pricing & Consolidation
  • Workforce Planning
  • Reporting & Analysis