Streamlining SaaS Operations with Adaptive Planning and Reporting

Deflytics 📋 blog 📅 July 24, 2023

SaaS – Case


  • Software in hundreds
  • Detailed planning for Revenue by Channel and Product across various geographics
  • Complex Capex models
  • Complex models for computing Sales value
  • Complex Workforce Cost calculations for various Locations and Grade


  • Manual Excel spreadsheet process
  • Subscription modelling for disparate software categories
  • Complex Salary Calculations
  • Complex models for computing various expenses such as Travel, Professional Fees, Rent Costs, etc
  • Extremely complex reporting requirements, with graphical analysis of data in dashboards



  • Elimination of complex spreadsheets
  • Integration with NetSuite for creation of Various Dimensions, COA and Uploading Actuals
  • Budget Cycle time cut by over 20%
  • Automated payroll forecasts (Attrition, Backfill and New Hire)
  • Complex models automated for Revenue, Software Subscription, Workforce, Sales Planning, Various Costs across Departments
  • Flexible reporting framework for P&L Analysis across Actuals, Budgets, Forecasts

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